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B: One of the best parts about our band is that we all listen to so much different music. MF: What was it like working with Magoo on your album? Working with Magoo was incredible. His experience and ideas made making the album so much easier and more fun. The guy just has cool ideas about sounds and knows how to inspire.

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B: at Applewoods Studios about an hour out of Brisbane. It was amazing to record out there. They are all great songwriters who put on great shows. Velociraptor shows are a massive party! The album will be out sometime soon as well. MF: Why did you decide to release on vinyl as opposed to something more typical and economical like a CD or digital release? B: Vinyls sound better! Also we just liked the idea of having something that people can hold onto. All the vinyls will be individually numbered and have some other stuff with them. So I guess we get the best of both worlds?

All will be announced soon. MF: If you could share the stage with any band, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Custom styles. There were times I found myself rooting for the monsters, which actually may have been the authors intent.

Wherewolves the Novel

There is also a bit too much of a mixed group of teenagers doing what a mixed group of teenagers would do if dropped into the woods. Other than that, I thought this was a fun and intense read that gives us horror fans a break from zombies. Are you looking for something in the vain of old school horror movies and books?

A group of high schoolers are headed to a survival camp over the weekend. Eventually their friendship and loyalty turns vicious.

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One after another the kids start to disappear from the campsite, which freaks the remaining kids out. One of my favorite story telling tactics is to start from the end, which is how this book starts, and it seriously freaked me out. It freaked me out so much that I had to keep reading, and every single word in this book was just amplifying my fear, in a fantastic way.

I absolutely adored this book, and cannot wait to see if these two write more books. I give this one 5 out of 5 stars, I guarantee this book will get the hair on the back of your neck standing on end! The title immediately suggests it to be a paranormal horror, and I imagined characters cowering in the dark as a fluffy thing with teeth prowled outside their walls, trying to claw its way in. The suspense here is unreal, and the atmosphere created is one of sheer confusion and panic.

We are incorrect. The narrative then abruptly removes us from the forest, and throws into more familiar, yet similarly terrifying, surroundings — a high school. The knowledge we gain of the students helps make the carnage, when it comes, much more interesting as we see how humanity differs when faced with a fight or flight situation.

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It takes a while to get to the violence, but the build-up makes this rewarding. The students are taken on a trip to the forest as part of their soldier training. The characters react to emotional abuse, each of them battling with their own inner demons carved from traumatic past experience. The suspense, gore, and violence involved is worthy of a B-movie. I particularly liked the monsters remaining ever so slightly out of sight, adding to the tension, saving us from an overdone focus, and keeping the unknown behind the veil until the last moment.


Seeing everything come together at the end, and basking in the horror of it all was wonderful. At times, it really does feel like reading a screenplay; details seem to have been added as an after thought, and dialogue takes precedence over description. I do feel some more descriptive elements could have helped the novel flow more smoothly. A true social commentary where we come to understand monsters are human, and can be made that way by other humans. Twists and turns, with a very different take on a classic tale of the monster lurking inside.

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Looking forward to the sequel. We are then later introduced to the characters of the class. It is clear early on that Doris and Jeffrey are teased quite a lot by their peers.

They are viewed as the class geeks, making them a target for nasty comments and pranks. Jeffrey and Doris are not the only two to stand out from the rest. Elie is also recognised as different due to his Arabic roots and does receive some racist comments. Once on their camping trip for their survival weekend the story begins to twist. Is it a paranormal, or is it a teenage horror? Or both? There is the suspicion of the super-human reaction, brought on by a new drug, that has been mentioned on the news not too far from where the group are camping that may explain what is going on. Or, could it be that Elie has been pushed too far and decided to retaliate?

As one by one the class students are being killed the tension escalates to a higher level. The reader will have to keep on reading to find out what is happening, and who or what is being so savage. With so many class students to remember I did get a little lost keeping track of some of them as they disperse and run from these terrible beasts. This would be easier to follow if watching the screenplay and visualising them on stage or on screen.

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I also felt that when reading the dialogue between the students early on it was very much like reading a script, albeit with a little more description. As a book this made the reader wait a little too long before the action really began to start up again. However, as a screenplay and watching it on stage I would imagine the atmosphere to be electric.