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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cover of volume 1. Comedy , slice of life. NA Kodansha Comics. Anime television series. Anime and Manga portal. May 17, [14]. July 18, [13]. Chapters Covers chapters published in Weekly Shonen Magazine from issue 52 to issue The volume introduces the main characters for the series: Yoshiko Hanabatake, a stupid and clueless high school girl; her classmate and neighbor Akuru Akutsu who loves to study but is annoyed by her shenanigans; Yoshiko's mom devises schemes for the two to be together in romantic situations; Sayaka Sumino, a classmate that becomes friends with the two; Ryuichi Kurosaki, a delinquent guy who looks up to Yoshiko; the school's Head Monitor, a girl who despises Yoshiko, but develops an obsessive crush on Akuru; Akuru's little sister Ruri, who also struggles academically; the neighborhood kids at the playground that Yoshiko hangs out with; and Atusko Oshieda, who is Yoshiko's homeroom teacher.

October 17, [15]. August 15, [16]. Covers chapters published in Weekly Shonen Magazine from issues , Yoshiko plays Concentration with Akuru. Oshieda-sensei tries to tutor Yoshiko in reading comprehension. Yoshiko, Sayaka and the Head Monitor break into Akuru's room to find out what he would like for his birthday.


Yoshiko and the Head Monitor try to be body sushi models. Yoshiko brings home Dog and buys an expensive banana. Yoshiko's mom confronts the Head Monitor. While hiking, Akuru lays banana-based traps for Yoshiko. Yoshiko and the playground kids attend a super sentai show. Oshieda-sensei trains Yoshiko to be a Japanese idol. Yoshiko helps Ryuichi relate to Akuru. Yoshiko tutors Ruri on her times tables.

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Yoshiko meets Rinko Inui, who thinks of Yoshiko like a pet. The Head Monitor confiscates Akuru's phone; she later tries to text Akuru, but Yoshiko has the phone and sends her weird replies. Yoshiko is so inspired from eating a banana that she and Sayaka go out to find the grower to thank him. Akuru puts some bananas on a pole to keep Yoshiko entertained. April 17, [17].

October 24, [18]. Covers chapters published in Weekly Shonen Magazine from issues , 42 to issue 6. Yoshiko makes Akuru buy the Head Monitor a bra for a birthday present. Yoshiko celebrates the beginning of summer vacation. Yoshiko and the playground kids catch cicadas. Yoshiko's mom uses Ryuichi to put Akuru to sleep so that she can blackmail Akuru into marrying Yoshiko. Sayaka has a sleepover at Yoshiko's.

Yoshiko and the gang go to the beach and enjoy the hot springs and staying up late. Ruri is upset that Akuru did not invite her, so Akuru tries to treat her with parfaits. Akuru bonds with Dog while Yoshiko is out of town. Akuru gets a part-time job as a fast food clerk until Yoshiko bothers him. Yoshiko upstages a group of Obon Festival dancers. Yoshiko drags Ruri along to rush to her radio calisthenics session. Yoshiko dresses up as a guy to give Oshieda-sensei a summer romance.

Sayaka catches the Head Monitor stalking Akuru and lays the truth behind how she is being perceived. Akuru has to apologize to Ruri for getting her a lousy birthday present. August 16, [19]. December 12, [20]. Covers chapters published in Weekly Shonen Magazine from issues , , 26, Yoshiko takes Sayaka out in a typhoon so she can be carried into the air by an umbrella. Yoshiko and Akuru argue over what name to give Dog. She helps Kuroko call her boyfriend.

Sayaka buys some grown-up panties, but Yoshiko's mother disapproves. Yoshiko helps the playground kids shop for snacks for their field trip. The Head Monitor is sick and calls for Akuru to come nurse her only to unknowingly get Yoshiko. Akane gets in a conflict with Akuru and Yoshiko and volunteers herself to head her class in the school festival.

Yoshiko distracts Akane and the gang the night before with some running around the school games. Yoshiko finds the Head Monitor rejecting a guy and tells her to let him fondle her. Sayaka gets drunk at an after-festival party. Akuru recalls when he and Yoshiko first met 10 years ago. Ruri tries to ride a bicycle. Yoshiko dresses up as Yoshio-kun again in order to break up with Oshieda-sensei. Yoshiko plays dolls with the playground kids. Yoshiko and Dog meet Sayaka's Pomeranian.

Yoshiko beats up a delinquent gang for disrespecting bananas. January 15, [21]. February 6, [22]. Covers chapters published in Weekly Shonen Magazine from issues 25, 28, 29, , Akuru tries training Yoshiko like a dog. The Head Monitor tries to study with Akuru. Yoshiko confuses an insurance saleswoman.

Akane tries to pierce her ears. Yoshiko's mother hopes to spend a romantic night with her husband but has to stop Yoshiko from interfering. Akuru deals with a boy who has been bullying Ruri. Yoshiko deals with mosquitos. Yoshiko and Akuru praise Sayaka for her niceness like she's an angel.

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Akuru calls the police on the Head Monitor for rummaging through his trash. Akane and Yoshiko tail Shiina as she goes on a date with her boyfriend. Ryuichi discovers that Akuru likes Dog, and feels jealous. Yoshiko catches a cold and Akuru has to nurse her. Yoshiko tries to find Sayaka's birthday wishes. Yoshiko outdoes an old fisherman. May 15, [23].

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April 24, [24]. Covers chapters published in Weekly Shonen Magazine from issue 47 to issue Yoshiko visits Akane at her home and they read a manga together. Head Monitor tries to befriend Ruri but Yoshiko's mom gets in the way. Nozomi tells the playground boys that she wants to be like Yoshiko.

Oshieda-sensei misses Yoshio, so Yoshiko puts on Yoshio's wig and brings her to her house. When's Yoshiko's banana is partly run over by a car, Yoshiko tries to cope by meditating in a waterfall. Yoshiko and Akuru visit an arcade where Akuru plays Aitatsu to win a rare card for Ruri. Head Monitor sneaks into Akuru's room but gets trapped in his closet. Yoshiko flatters a saleswoman to get crabs for cheap. She then tries to add bananas to the crab stew, but her mother actively fights against it.

Yoshiko makes a snow fort for the playground kids but then tries to cook mochi inside it. Head Monitor asks the principal to hold her back a year so she can stay with Akuru. To help Akane get a boyfriend, Yoshiko announces Akane's desperation on the street in public. March 9, [25]. June 12, [26]. At the start of their second year, Akuru tries to get Yoshiko ready for school. Sayaka gets in trouble when she says she is happy to see Yoshiko in her class. Yoshiko and Chairwoman have a showdown in the men's bathroom over the subject of their boobs.

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Industry Comments. Login or Register forgot it? Review by Carl Kimlinger, Jan 8th Squid Girl Episodes Streaming Synopsis:. She comes from the deep, a tentacled terror driven by rage. The cavalier abuse of her home by the puny humans above has pushed her to the ultimate retribution: an invasion of the surface realm. Her name is Squid Girl, and the world will know her name. Or so it would be, if only she wasn't about four feet tall, eleven years old and totally incompetent.

No one takes Squid Girl seriously. The first humans she meets, Eiko and Chizuru Aizawa, put her to work as a waitress and squid-ink supplier. Subsequent acquaintances get in petty spats with her local lifeguard Goro , fall in love with her obsessive cute-chaser Sanae , want to play with her Aizawa family youngster Takeru , or mistake her for an alien and try to dissect her alien hunter Cindy and her three MIT goons. That Squid Girl is totally ingenuous and easily distracted she is an invertebrate after all furthers her cause not at all. But it does make for plenty of adventures, though of a decidedly less military nature than she'd like.

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