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The Earth could lose all its clouds according to a feasible runaway greenhouse scenario, modeled by scientists at Caltech. With fewer white surfaces reflecting sunlight back to space, the Earth gets even warmer, leading to more cloud loss. This feedback loop causes warming to spiral out of control. Or, she warns, as if channeling J. The surface of the planet renews itself through geothermal hydrology, sulfuric lakes, new continents of silt —.

These are all photographs by Bernhard Edmaier, whose work can be found on his own website —. Meanwhile — though I repeat myself — these bring to mind J. Huge iguanas laze around in the heat. Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code.

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Project: Nirvana. The Elixir of Doom. The Mahogany Murderers. The Three Companions. The Time Museum. Categories :. Cancel Save. First Doctor.

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